Trust Score Politics

Do you prefer the truth? Not everyone does. Some people prefer nicely-packaged sound bites that falsely assures them that the world is simple and problems can be neatly cleaned up with the right experts at the political wheel. Trust Score Politics (TSP) wants the truth and takes a more mature, adult-view of scoring politicians’ records and interactions. Nice is nice, but it’s nothing compared to the truth. The Trust Score Index is based on the premise that a person is respecting the dignity of both parties by telling the truth; regardless of how the truth is delivered, it supersedes disposition. The Trust Score Index is based on honesty, which can often require integrity and courage.

Trust is built on a history of:

  • Telling the truth in the public square

  • Telling the truth in conflicts of interests, associations, and connections to stakeholders that may be beneficial to position, status, or finances

  • Telling the truth on issues during campaigning and voting accordingly; particularly, votes that defend the inherent human rights outlined in the first ten amendments

The Trust Score Index breaks through the political marketing of good-looking people in pricey suits nicely delivering messages that sound good, and instead focuses on WHAT is being said instead of HOW someone is saying it. A person telling the truth matters more than the disposition they are using to speak: we have people who manipulate the truth and they can lie to your face very nicely.

The only thing that will ever matter in politics is: what is this person doing or going to do with power over your money (taxes) and your freedom? The Trust Score Index can get you closer to knowing who to trust with that incredibly serious responsibility.